Every question you can dream of answered.

Q. What materials are used to create my knee pillow?

A. The knee pillow is created using medical grade foam rubber.
It’s non-allergenic and breathable. Most importantly its mold resistant. So you don't need to throw it out if you break out a sweat.

Q. Knee pillows can't swim

A. Do not wash your knee pillow. Like all foam rubber, it reacts in water and will bloat beyond recognition. And trust us, no 7 days, cayenne pepper fast, will return your knee pillow back to its original shape. The cover although is 100 percent washable.

Q. What is my knee pillows life expectancy?

A. Your knee pillow lasts longer than your regular pillows.
So long as you take care of it and tell it a bedtime story every now and again.
Your Knee Pillow will last 5 years or even more.

Q. Does my knee pillow need a passport?

A. Nope, you can just waltz it onboard as carrying on, its versatile size and easily moldable shape makes it a journey must have.
Many of our customers, take it on flights, buses or camping trips.
Some even use their knee pillows for additional support while driving. Your knee pillow is the perfect travel mate.

Q. I want my knee pillow now! 

A. We know quick delivery is important to you and we are working hard to achieve that. But please be patient, all orders are normally shipped out on the next Business day, and standard delivery may take 3-5 Business days depending on your address.